Some of the services we provide to Industrial Customers Include:

Aerial Photography:

Photographic & Live Video Inspections of:

Smoke Stack / Cooling Towers ( including inside )

Radio Towers

Overhead Piping and Electrical Lines

Rail Lines

Top and Underside of Bridges & Spans

Large Roof Inspections

Progress of Pipeline Construction or Pre/Post Photography

Aerial Work ( many activities are still under development) :

Obtaining Samples of debris from hard to reach places for inspection.

If we can find a place on your structure to latch/mount our equipment to (from the air), there are many other services we can provide. Most will require advance planning and will require your plant safety personnel.

Note: Most all of our equipment is intrinsically safe ( IS ) but we will need to know of “all gaseous dangers” for the protection of our equipment and the safety of the operation.

With Advance Planning, We Can Make Robotic Tools To Do What You Need In Light Duty Work From The Air.

We Are Just One Message Away From Doing It Faster/Cheaper/Safer.

Hourly Industrial Rates are the same as Residential/Commercial but Additional Charges for Certain Hazards and Tools.  Discounts for Multi-Session (3 or more).

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